Annai Aravindh Herbals

Plants are the predecessors of animals. God is well aware that animals especially human being will solely depend on plants for all its basic needs and that is the reasons He has created plants first then all the animals followed that. Nature especially plants is a treasure in the hands of humans race that give a wide opportunity to invent newer health care products and medicines. It is left to us by the God to utilize the benefits of the nature for our well beging.

Dr.P.Rajalingam the founder of Annai Aravindh Herbals was started his career by simply serving the poor people with his abundant knowledge in preparing herbal medicines and treating them from their ailments. He never changed them for his services. It was his motto to serve the public and to create a disease free society. Annai Aravindh Herbals started hospitals in and around Chennai and contributes to the public about healthy life through herbal medicines. Yoga and asana are regularly taught in our centers as a preventive and also a curative method in various diseases.
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