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Food when consumed rightly can in itself be medicine. Hence, let’s see the benefits and preparation methods of a traditional Indian ayurvedic drink, to be had in the cold winter evenings or on a wet, chilly rainy day. Gudraab Gudraab meaning Gud - jaggery and raab - gruel (jaggery gruel) It is an age old
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As I was reading the Yogasutra I came across this lovely shloka which is defining memories as - " अनुभूतविषयासंप्रमोष: स्मृति " Definition of memory Not allowing an object which has been experienced to escape is called Memory. Memories are our inability to let go of past experience. Yoga for Memory Liberation The practice of
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Salt is an important ingredient of almost everything that we eat. Ayurveda understood it's importance way back and has explained various types of salt along with its qualities. But before that, let's understand the salt we are eating today The free-flowing, super white sodium chloride fortified with iodine that we consume today is a chemically
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